A New Year, A New Phi Sigma Kappa

by admin on January 12, 2010

phi sigma kappa 1209

View from Techwood

Gentlemen –

Hopefully the holidays treated you well.  2010 is going to be an important year for Phi Sigma Kappa on the Georgia Tech campus as we unveil our new house!

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We have a guest post from brother Tom Hughes (KD ’59) who has been instrumental in fundraising for our Capital Campaign.  Please take a minute to read.  Any amount you can contribute will make a huge difference for our fraternity.

Yes – the new house is a reality. If you had the opportunity to visit the site for Homecoming, you had to be proud of the legacy Kappa Deuteron Chapter has established for Phi Sigma Kappa and Georgia Tech. The local chapter provided the usual lunch and served it to 150 alumni, actives and family members – seated at tables in the chapter room. Below are pictures of the house which we moved into this past weekend – start of the second semester.  You can view more pictures of the new house progress on the Gallery page.

The trip to this point of time has not traveled without a few bumps in the road and considerable “time contributions” by a number of local alumni. A significant amount of time has been contributed by JR Gilbreath, KD ’84 covering his “on site” supervision of the construction.

Here is a recap of the “Pledge Results” through January 10, 2010. We have reached  64% of our $600,000 goal. We achieved that with only 76 contributions. We need your help to reach our 100% objective. Your contribution can be spread over a two year period as well as a monthly draw on a credit card.

You can visit the fundraising section for instructions on how to make your contribution. Remember the contributions are tax deductible and National will provide you with documentation for tax purposes.

In the next 4 to 6 weeks we will attempt to contact each of you to solicit your help – don’t wait on us to call- you supported the fraternity back when you were in school and we are asking you to support us once again.

Any questions – please reach me via email thughes(at)plantationcable(dot)net


Tom Hughes KD ’59

View from 5th and Techwood

View from 5th and Techwood

View across 5th

View across 5th

View from across Techwood

View from across Techwood

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Jonathan D. Manteuffel March 28, 2011 at 2:53 pm

WOW!! The new house looks awesome! I graduated class of ’84, and was an “aluminoid” in the old glass fishbowl house. I’m jealous, the new one is SWEET!!

Hey I have a pin I wanted to offer to a brother who hasn’t bought one yet. It’s the 10K gold with pearls and has a KD chapter guard with it. My JDM initials are engraved on the back but a jeweler can remove those and put your own on it. They are going on ebay for $130-160, so I’ll offer mine at $125 with free shipping. Here’s one of the ebay ones to see what it looks like

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