Can the Jackets finally win in Charlottesville

by admin on October 21, 2009

Sting dem Cavaliers

Sting dem Cavaliers

Big win last Saturday.  Georgia Tech beat a top 5 opponent at home for the first time since 1962 when we beat Alabama and a QB named Joe Namath.  I’m trying to figure out if it seems longer if you know who Joe Namath is or if you don’t.  Who cares.  Forty seven years is too long to wait for a big home win.  Let’s hope that we do it again before 2056.

The first half of Saturday’s game was all about defense as GT led 7-3.  Both teams performed better offensively in the second half.  If GT didn’t turn the ball over, we would have won easily in my opinion.  That’s how dominating our offense was in the second half.  We beat a good defense and only completed one pass.  VT did the most with turnovers and stayed in the game however.

UVA is up next.  They have won 5 out of the last 6 against us.  They began their season with horrible losses to William and Mary and Southern Miss, but they have improved by winning three in a row over UNC, Indiana and Maryland.  I’m not sure if they are better or the rest of the ACC is worse…probably a combination of both.

With our highest AP ranking (#11) since 2001, GT has high expectations.  We should be favored in the rest of our games barring a devastating injury to Nesbitt or Dwyer.  If we keep winning, we have a chance of getting an at-large BCS bid or a trip to the ACC Championship in Tampa.  A Miami conference loss would be just what the doctor ordered.

Prediction: Another loss in Charlottesville would be worse than losing to William and Mary.  The last time we won there, we won the national championship.  Is the road to the BCS championship through Charlottesville?  Nope.  It could be the road to Music City if we screw it up however.  Paul Johnson is too intense to allow a letdown.  GT 35-17.

Damn Glad!

Tom Oliver
KD 804

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