Capital Campaign

Letter from the Campaign Chairs

Dear Brothers and Friends of Phi Sigma Kappa,

For 30 years, the house at 825 Techwood Drive has provided the young men of Phi Sigma Kappa a stable and enriching environment. The building we all called “home” during our college years has served us well. However, all the years of wear and tear have left the building in dire need of replacement if the chapter is to remain viable and competitive with the other fraternities on the Georgia Tech campus.

Therefore, we would like to introduce you to Phi Sigma Kappa’s capital campaign for a new house, “A Tradition in Brotherhood – 80 Years at Tech.”

With an active alumni base of just over 700 men, Phi Sig needs everyone’s support to make this campaign a success. In fact, many of your Phi Sig brothers have already made a significant pledge to this capital project. With your generous contributions, we can make a difference and provide a home for our brothers and our sons who one day will get to share the same experiences as we did, and develop life long friendships thru Phi Sigma Kappa.


Tom “Hoot” Gibson

Campaign Co-Chair

John “JR” Gilbreath

Campaign Co-Chair