Why are we building a new house?

The original house structure was built in 1977 and the mechanical and electrical systems are undersized and require constant maintenance. The life safety systems were adequate 3 decades ago but are not up to today’s standards. The building components and materials used were residential grade and have deteriorated over time and require significant maintenance and replacement. A new efficient design incorporating commercial grade materials and details would be more cost effective and keep us competitive on campus.

Who designed the house?

The original plan was designed by Sonny Crowe, AlA class of 1989.The plans were tweaked in 2006 by John Gilbreath of Rabun Rasche Rector Reece Architects. The design and details utilized the hospitality and institutional experience of the firm to provide a facility that not only looked good and is functional but also durable. For 30 years the Phi Sig house has had a stigma among the other fraternities about the “modern” style of the original house. The style of the new house is traditional “Greek” as is similar to most new fraternities on campus.

What is the design of the new house?

‘The new house can hold 34 brothers. It will have 11,916 square feet of living space. The basement will house the chapter room, laundry room and mechanical space. The first floor will have a dining area, study room, library space, a residential kitchen, parlor area, and sleeping and bath quarters. The second level will have sleeping and bath quarters. The house will also have a front porch and a back patio area with limited parking. The exterior of the house will be brick and real stucco.

Why build on this location?

The lot is the original site of the 1977 structure located on the corner of 5th street and Techwood drive. This lot is a prime location in the heart of the Greek sector on campus. Compared to when you may have been at Tech, the center of gravity on campus has shifted eastward, and our lot is on the corner of the primary gateway onto campus. The 5th Street Technology Square project, completed in August 2003, has expanded the Georgia Tech campus east across the 1-75/1-85 connector. This complex includes the new bookstore, the Dupree College of Management, restaurants, and a hotel and conference center.

Do we own the land?

The original lot is bought and paid for. However, we are asking for a 6′ wide strip of the back gravel parking lot from GA. Tech to comply with building code setbacks. We would swap the 6′ of back gravel parking lot for some land given to GA. Tech during the 5th street expansion in 2003. Our building would be on our lot.

What is the time line for this project?

Our goal is for the active brothers to occupy the house by fall of 2009. Pending the successful completion of this campaign, we should be able to begin construction in late 2008.

What do the active brothers think about the project?

They are thrilled and anxious to have a new home. They also have been very supportive of the project, both financially and by volunteering their time.

Is the chapter as good as when I was in school?

Of course it is! We maintain about 40 actives, and consistently pledge 10 to 15 associates. In Spring 2006 the fraternity had overall GPA of 3.1. We exceeded the Greek and Non- Greek GPA average. We continue to host plenty of mixers and are -active in Homecoming and Greek Week. Our brothers continue to be campus leaders, including IFC board members. This year, we are participating in Habitat for Humanities campaign to raise money for Habitat’s Homes in the Atlanta area.

How many other fraternities are on campus?

There are 30 fraternities on campus.

How will we pay for the house?

The house will come to fruition with your contributions and a loan. We are negotiating a long-term loan for approximately $1.0 million. The loan will be paid off by income generated from rent and other fees paid by the actives.

What is the goal of the campaign?

The goal is to raise at least $600,000 in support of the educational space within the chapter’s new house.

Is Phi Sigma Kappa national Headquarters giving us any money for the project?

No, it is not their policy to make donations for capital efforts. They are, however, supportive in our efforts to build a new house, and are receiving donations through the Foundation to assist us in making tax deductible contributions to the capital campaign.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

The first $520,000 donated to construct the educational spaces in the new house is tax deductible, however it is on a first come basis. We recommend each individual review their own tax liability in relation to how much of your contribution can be deducted.

Why should I give?

When you were a Phi Sig at Georgia Tech, somebody provided something special for you. This is your chance to give back. The active brothers need your help. We need to provide an environment and a facility that will foster generations of professionals, scholars, athletes and leaders.

How much should I give?

While all gifts are appreciated, we ask that you consider a minimum gift of $2,500 over three years. This works out to be $2.30 per day, much less than a Starbucks latte.

I want to financially support the campaign, what should I do next?

Checks should be made payable to Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation, reference the Kappa Deuteron Educational Fund. Gifts may be made over a three-year period in annual installments or a monthly bank draft. We also can accept gifts of appreciated assets ( eg.,stocks, bonds).