Project Planning The following is a tentative high level schedule for the new house process. As detailed dates and information become available, we will update the schedule accordingly. Monthly updates as to the progress will be posted on the home page, as will photos and video of the actual demo/construction.

October 2007

  • Kick off Public portion of Capital Campaign, send out brochure
  • Finalize drawings and specs
  • Continue to meet w/ Banks for Construction loan

November 2008

  • Review Fundraising status
  • Start obtaining estimates from sub contractors for preliminary pricing
  • Meet w/Building Dept for cursory review of plans

December 2007

  • Obtain deed from GA. Tech for 6’ of back parking lot
  • Review Fundraising Status
  • Have final set of construction documents for pricing

January 2008

  • Verify fundraising goal has been met
  • Submit Plans for Variances
  • Obtain loan commitment/approval from bank

February 2008

  • Have final set of construction documents for pricing
  • Notify brothers house will be torn down in August 2008

March 2008

  • Submit Plans for Building permit

April 2008

  • Obtain Building Permit
  • Finalize budget numbers for construction costs

May 2008

  • Finalize loan agreement with bank

August 2008

  • Start demo of house

August 2009

  • Move into new house