Fall Rush Update and a Request

by admin on August 20, 2009


Once again, the students are returning to the Georgia Tech campus.  Our men of Phi Sigma Kappa just finished up Fall Rush welcoming 14 pledges with several outstanding bids.  We want to work hard to make sure these new men are right for our fraternity, and also let them know that they are part of a much larger network.  In order to further this, I am looking for volunteers to become “Alumni Big Brothers”.

So, what is an Alumni Big Brother?  This would be a KD alum that lives in or around Atlanta that would be assigned to one of the new pledges along with their undergrad Big Brother.  The ABB would commit to at least one face-to-face meet every 2 months with their LB and his BB.  They (ABB’s) would also be expected to communicate with their   LB at least twice a month by phone or email.  These would be the bare minimum for contact with your LB and his BB, but you could do as much as you like.

So, why should we do this?  There are three sides to consider here, each with things to gain from this relationship:

The Pledge

  • They given real life perspective of life after Ga Tech with men who have been there
  • They understand the bond of brotherhood that goes beyond school
  • They have an additional close contact for when they go through a rough patch during pledging
  • Close contact with active local alumni

The Active Brother

  • More insight into what the alumni expect of them
  • Better retention of pledges
  • More money from more active alumni

The Alumni

  • Meaningful relationships with active brothers and pledges
  • Insight and understanding into who makes up our house
  • An ability to help shape the future leaders in our fraternity

I am looking for 20 Alumni Big Brother candidates by August 28th.  If you are, or know of someone who would be able to fit these requirements and make these commitments, please help me get this program off the ground.   I am looking for volunteers for this program, so please email me if you have any questions or are interested.  My contact information is listed below.  I want this to be an ongoing program, but right now we just need to get it started.  I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Dirk Lamb
Chapter Advisor
KD 926

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