Georgia Tech versus Clemson

by admin on September 8, 2009

Yellow Jackets One up…one down.  Tech did enough to discard a weak Jacksonville State team by the score of 37-17.  Our first play from scrimmage was a 76 yard touchdown jaunt by Jonathan Dwyer.  That’s a great way to start the season.  From what I’ve been told, we could have been crisper.  We had some turnovers and missed an extra point.  There are always things to work on after the first game, and I’ve never heard a coach say that a team could not play better after game 1.  If he did, he would be an idiot.
Clemson is up next.  Last year, we were fortunate enough to face Clemson when they were without RB and return specialist C.J. Spiller.  It was also the first game for head coach Dabo Swinney.  (Quick fact: According to the AJC, the name Dabo was a nickname created by his older brother who was trying to say “That Boy.”  There are useless facts, utterly useless facts and then there are stories about childhood nicknames.  That boy is not good.  Nogo Sweeney has a nice ring…but I digress.)
This year Spiller is back.  He returned a kick off for a touchdown in their first game.  He also tweaked his hamstring during a 50 yard punt return.  He says he is 100% for the Tech game.  Our defensive linemen need to play like they got a pair, respectively.  Otherwise, it will be a long evening on national television.
Prediction: Clemson will have a better game plan offensively and defensively this year.  That will be good enough to rank them as the second best team on the field.  Since it’s rarely a blow out: Tech 31-27.

Damn Glad!

Tom Oliver
KD 804

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