Georgia Tech Descends on Tallahassee

by admin on October 6, 2009

Sting em!

Sting em!

Tech disposed of the Mississippi State Bulldogs last Saturday.  Our offense was impressive, particularly with the passing game.  That is a rarity.  QB Josh Nesbitt was 11 for 14 for 266 yards passing.  What does that mean for the Jackets?  It means that sportswriters are happier because we ran a more balanced offense.  It reinforces their theory that we can’t possibly run a consistently winning program while passing four times a game.  Coach Paul Johnson doesn’t give a damn how Tech wins, and he will be the first to say so.  Based on his intensity on the sidelines, it is just a matter of time before he goes Tom Cable* on a ref or sideline reporter.

Florida State has to be one of the top five most inconsistent teams in the country.  The other four are also in the ACC, but let’s stick with the Seminoles for now.  FSU has plenty of talent and athletes.  They have had success against good teams, for example BYU.  They have been afraid to score against lesser teams, for example South Florida.  I had a theory that FSU could only beat teams that consisted of mostly white guys (BYU, I’m looking in your direction).  However, that theory was refuted last Saturday as the Noles dropped a stinker at Boston College (aka Honkeytown).

Prediction: While we beat the Noles last year due to a last minute fumble recovery in the end zone, FSU has had Tech’s number for quite a while.  In the past when a team needed a win and faced Tech, we rolled over and obliged.  FSU needs a win badly this weekend.  I know we won’t roll over, but I’m afraid we will oblige.  FSU 34-24.

(*Tom Cable is the head coach of the Oakland Raiders who allegedly broke the jaw of one of his coaches with a punch to the face.  Another popular phrase related to the Raiders is “Going Al Davis,” which means (1) Doing anything in an old fashioned way; (2) Being old fashioned or old school; (3) Using an overhead projector during a presentation.)

Damn Glad!

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