New House Update – 03/25/09

by admin on March 25, 2009

Gentlemen –

New Chapter House update as of 03/25/09:

Ninety Nine cubic yards of concrete was poured for the basement retaining walls. Rain is expected the rest of the week so the forms will not be stripped from the walls till next week.

Next week plumber, electrical under slab rough in and basement masonry walls should begin if the weather cooperates.

The first concrete cylinder test came back for the footings and we had a 7 day break of 3010 psi which more than passes required specs.  [don’t you love construction lingo]

First floor planks are 4 weeks away which puts us around the last week in April to set planks. After the planks are set we can backfill the basement walls and finish the footings on level 1.

Below are a couple photos of the basement retaining walls.

Damn Glad!

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