Jackets take on the Tarheels

by admin on September 24, 2009

Jackets - Phi Sigma Kappa Well, the 2009 GT Football honeymoon ended last Thursday.  Miami punched us early and often right in the mouth. On offense we struggled with downfield blocks.  On defense we struggled to stay within five yards of their receivers.  The good news is that Coach Johnson says that we are changing defensive schemes.  Hopefully the new scheme will allow us to cover someone.

The U jumped into the top ten and we dropped out of the top 25. That’s the sportswriters way of saying the U is back…and speaking of U, you stink.  We will be viewed as an overrated team until we can play at least three quarters of respectable football.  Right now we are averaging about 1.5 quarters per game. We need to double our output. Who’s with me.

This week we play the 20th ranked Tarheels. They are a pass happy team that is currently undefeated. While they lost their top receivers to the draft last year, their new receivers are playing better than expected.  Since their team is performing well, you can expect to see large groups of liberal arts grads doing whatever it is that they do on our campus.

Prediction: The home team gets revenge for last years drubbing by delivering a heavy handed spanking to the visitors. Sound familiar? Miami did it to us last week. Here comes the remix. Tech 38-17.

Damn Glad!

Tom Oliver
KD 804

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