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by admin on November 30, 2008

I think it is safe to say that Coach Paul Johnson has exceeded any and all expectations in his first year at the helm of Yellow Jacket football.  While making it to the ACC Championship would have been awesome, sticking it to the mutts in Athens brings a certain level of satisfaction we have not felt in years (7 to be exact).  During the third quarter, was it the look of bewilderment followed by panic on the UGA defense that was relished most?  Or perhaps the WTF just happened look at the end of the game?  For those of you outside the Atlanta area, a few links to the write up of the game:

From the AJC:

Tech bites back

Mark Bradley write up

Furman Bisher write up

Jeff Shultz write up

Larry Hartstein write up

Pictures from the game

From ESPN:

#22 Ga. Tech stomps #11 UGA

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